Bye bye folks ...

Version 1
19 Jun 2009

Like some users might already have noticed - there is not much going on around Kimai lately. Because all of us don’t have the time to do this anymore we decided to close the project for good.

Speaking for myself, as the founder and main developer of Kimai, my professional focus is more and more moving away from programming towards designing - which is what I think I’m good at… In fact I am a lousy programmer… Therefore it was pretty surprising to me that Kimai became kinda successful in the first place … ;)

I guess it was only because of the somewhat ‘pretty face’ of the software - not because of its code.

It was an honor to to have my app running on your machines and I’d like to thank all the people who supported Kimai and helped making it, testing it and spreading the word…

Also thanks for your donations.

Finaly I’d like to apologize for all unanswered support-mails and comments over the last month  - I was simply way too busy and could only answer a very few of them. I’ll keep the website up for another month and release the latest SVN version in a couple of days…

Regards, Torsten

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