jQuery goes Kimai

Version 1
28 Mar 2007

Last weekend I browsed through the depths of the web looking for an applicative Ajax framework to use with Kimai. I did a few times before and everything I found seemed overkill to me. Now I found jQuery and instantaneously fell in love with it. Thanx to John Resig for this great lib. It really brings us forward because the last few weeks it worried me that all the revised javascript stuff screwed up the performance of Kimai in a way I really couldn’t accept.

I’d also like to say that Kimai is not dead. I was asked a few times the last days if I’m tired of this project and if it’s gonna end. It will not! I promise. But there is a lot to do since 2007 started.

I’m really thankful for that but unfortunately this leaves me less time for this project which I still really love. Please keep sending feedback and ideas - they’re allways welcome.

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