Cloud 10 Apr 2024

Social media

Exciting news! We’ve officially joined your favorite socials to bring you even more of what you love.

Cloud 27 Mar 2024

Removing free plan from the cloud

Yes! Sad as it is, I’m removing the free plan from the cloud. It was a tough decision that had to be made after careful thought as it was causing two problems;

Cloud 10 Apr 2024

Social media

Exciting news! We’ve officially joined your favorite socials to bring you even more of what you love.

Cloud 18 Feb 2023

Kimai-Cloud 2.0 🎉

Today is a big day for the Kimai Cloud, as we gradually start rolling out our biggest update to date to all customers. This update is not one of the usual maintenance updates, but a completely renewed version, that has been worked on for over a ye...

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    Version 1 31 Jul 2016

    Deactivated Kimai Forum

    With the current day I deactivated the Kimai Forum, as announced month ago on the forum itself. The subdomain still exists, but everything redirects now to the Kimai issue tracker.

    Version 1 28 Apr 2014

    Website hosting changed

    Hi folks, its been a long time since my last posting. Today I wanted to let you know, that we are still alive and work on Kimai is slowely progressing.

    Version 1 05 Jan 2011

    Happy Birthday Kimai

    Oh what a shame, we all forgot our own birthday… Okay, I have to admit I didn’t knew the date - but Torsten told me that Kimai is now 4 years old ;) and if anyone wants to save the date for next time - its the 15th of December.

    Version 1 19 Jun 2009

    Bye bye folks ...

    Like some users might already have noticed - there is not much going on around Kimai lately. Because all of us don’t have the time to do this anymore we decided to close the project for good.

    Version 1 15 Dec 2008

    Schon wieder Geburtstag!

    Vor 2 Jahren (und einem Monat ungefähr …) schrieb ich den Prototyp von Kimai an einem Wochenende und konnte danach irgendwie nicht mehr aufhören, daran zu basteln. Der folgende Kurzurlaub ging praktisch komplett für die Entwicklung der ersten Verö...

    Version 1 06 Dec 2007


    I’m thinking about deactivating the warning screen that appears every time an update is performed. In deed I’m using Kimai with real data over a year now. I used it for my business even before I started thinking about ever making it public. The up...

    Version 1 28 Mar 2007

    jQuery goes Kimai

    Last weekend I browsed through the depths of the web looking for an applicative Ajax framework to use with Kimai. I did a few times before and everything I found seemed overkill to me. Now I found jQuery and instantaneously fell in love with it. T...

    Version 1 12 Dec 2006

    Kimai Blog

    On the Kimai Blog we will keep you posted on everything Kimai. What are the plans, what is the current state, what news is there. We invite you to comment on our post. We need your feedback to make Kimai the perfect time tracker.

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