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Want to use Kimai but don't know how to install it on your server?
Last update: 20 Feb 2019

If you need help with the installation of Kimai or want to update Kimai to the latest version, I can be hired for paid support. Even though all the necessary steps are documented (here and here), they might cause problems for users who are unfamiliar with server systems.

In almost 20 years of work experience I have seen a lot of different server systems and know that its not always easy to integrate new software into your existing setup.

If you want to hire me for Kimai installation or updates, please contact me via info@keleo.de.

Required information

Depending on the type of setup, I might ask you for different types of credentials and information. These might be:

  • SSH / FTP connection details and user account
  • the database connection and account
  • a prepared domain with SSL certificate

And if you use a shared hoster and don’t know what all that means, don’t worry - just drop an email


I calculate the costs on an hourly basis and the amount of work depends on your setup. In most cases I can manage to install Kimai in one hour. Updates can often be applied even faster and we can talk about a recurring update service.

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Audit-Trail plugin

Records detailed change/audit logs for timesheets, customers, projects and activities and displays them in a per-item timeline.

Custom-fields plugin

Create free configurable additional (optional and mandatory) fields for timesheets, customers, projects and activities in various formats.

Expenses plugin

Keep track of your expenses based on customer, project and activity. These spendings can be categorized and included in your invoices.
Custom CSS plugin
Fail2Ban plugin
Installation & Update support
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Recalculate rates plugin