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תוסף שמאפשר להוסיף כללי CSS משלך באמצעות מסך ניהול.

Kevin Papst
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Kevin Papst

If you want to change the look and feel of Kimai, you can use this bundle to add your own CSS rules.

Examples styles can be found in the documentation.


If you want to add custom Javascript (or add a custom page with markdown content or show a site wide message), please have a look at this item instead: תוכן משלך


This bundle stores the custom CSS rules in the file var/data/custom-css-bundle.css. Make sure it’s writable by your webserver and included in your backups.


העתקת קבצים

Extract the ZIP file and upload the included directory and all files to your Kimai installation to the new directory:


The file structure needs to look like this afterwards:

├── CustomCSSBundle
│   ├── CustomCSSBundle.php
|   └ ... more files and directories follow here ...

פינוי המטמון

After uploading the files, Kimai needs to know about the new plugin. It will be found once the cache was re-built. Call these commands from the Kimai directory:

How to reload Kimai cache

bin/console kimai:reload --env=prod

It is not advised, but in case the above command fails you could try:

rm -r var/cache/prod/*

You might have to set file permissions afterwards:

Adjust file permission

You have to allow PHP (your webserver process) to write to var/ and it subdirectories.

Here is an example for Debian/Ubuntu (to be executed inside the Kimai directory):

chown -R :www-data .
chmod -R g+r .
chmod -R g+rw var/


Updating the plugin works exactly like the installation:

  • Delete the directory var/plugins/CustomCSSBundle/
  • Execute all installation steps again:
    • העתקת קבצים
    • פינוי המטמון


הטבלה הבאה מכילה השוואה בין התוספים לבין גרסת ה־Kimai המזערית הנדרשת.

גרסת מאגד גרסת Kimai מזערית
2.1.0 2.1.0
2.0 2.0
1.7 1.9


אפשר לבדוק את התוסף הזה תחת demo.kimai.org:

שם משתמש: susan_super
סיסמה: kitten

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