PHP 8 Support added, PHP 7.2 dropped

After working on PHP 8 Support for a couple of months, which was more complicated than expecte...

Kevin 31 May 2021

Release 1.14 - Reports, invoices & search bookmark

The release 1.14.3 was just published, after the major release was already released on the 23t...

Kevin 21 May 2021

Removing SQLite support and FTP installation

Today I have to share two important updates, before the next release will be published:

Kevin 03 Apr 2021

Website translated to french

A quickie news for all the french speaking users out there:

Kevin 02 Apr 2021

Release 1.13 - Duration input and dropdown

The release 1.13 was published, containing a lot of bugfixes and some new features.

Kevin 06 Feb 2021

Release 1.12 - Bugs, bugs, bugs

The release 1.12 was published quite a while ago - sorry for the late release post!

Kevin 14 Dec 2020


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