Release 1.4 - New team widgets

This release contains various bugfixes and some new features:

Kevin 04 Oct 2019

Release 1.3 - Searching

Being agile means releasing early and often to get quick feedback. So this time I took only tw...

Kevin 12 Sep 2019

Release 1.2 - Teams

One release a month, so far working out… the update on my personal Kimai installation took me ...

Kevin 29 Aug 2019

New fail2ban plugin

Just a quick note for all Kimai users and the RSS readers: a new plugin was released, to suppo...

Kevin 26 Jul 2019

Release 1.1 - Continuous improvements

I’d like to publish new features more often, so lets see if I can keep on releasing quicker in...

Kevin 24 Jul 2019

Release 1.0 - Tags, Colors, UX, Budgets, LDAP, Custom fields and so much more

This release is filled with exciting new features, that’s why it took longer than anticipated....

Kevin 02 Jul 2019


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