Sinkronizacija Lexoffice računa

Kad god se u Kimaiju stvori račun, ovaj dodatak automatski stvara Lexoffice račun.

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Helsinki Systems GmbH


Lexoffice plugin for Kimai is a plugin that allows you to automatically create invocies in Lexoffice, whenver an invoice in Kimai is created. By using the Lexoffice API (API key is needed) this plugin can create invoice drafts and finalized invoices in Lexoffice, based on your settings. Furthermore, this plugin allows you to customize the title and description of the items in the Lexoffice-invoice. The plugin therefore offers a few replacers you can choose from and that are replaced dynamically when creating the invoice for Lexoffice.


This plugin does not need a database table, so there is no installation of the plugin necessary. To communicate with Lexoffice however, you need to install the Lexoffice-php-sdk composer package:

composer require helsinki-systems/lexoffice-php-sdk:dev-master


As this plugin uses composer to install further dependencies, your next update will not work as usual. Please read this troubleshooting guide how to handle the situation. After reverting all local changes and updating Kimai, you have to reinstall the composer package.


If you need help setting this plugin up or have any feature requests our commercial support is available at


Kopiraj datoteke

Extract the ZIP file and upload the included directory and all files to your Kimai installation to the new directory:


The file structure needs to look like this afterwards:

├── LexofficeInvoice
│   ├── LexofficeInvoice.php
|   └ ... more files and directories follow here ...

Isprazni predmemoriju

After uploading the files, Kimai needs to know about the new plugin. It will be found once the cache was re-built. Call these commands from the Kimai directory:

How to reload Kimai cache

bin/console kimai:reload --env=prod

It is not advised, but in case the above command fails you could try:

rm -r var/cache/prod/*

You might have to set file permissions afterwards:

Adjust file permission

You have to allow PHP (your webserver process) to write to var/ and it subdirectories.

Here is an example for Debian/Ubuntu (to be executed inside the Kimai directory):

chown -R :www-data .
chmod -R g+r .
chmod -R g+rw var/


Updating the plugin works exactly like the installation:

  • Delete the directory var/plugins/LexofficeInvoice/
  • Execute all installation steps again:
    • Kopiraj datoteke
    • Isprazni predmemoriju


Sljedeća tablica sadrži usporedbu između dodatka i najmanje potrebne Kimai verzije.

Verzija paketa Najmanja Kimai verzija
1.0 2.0

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