Soporte de instalación y actualización

¿Quieres usar Kimai pero no sabes cómo instalarlo en tu servidor?

Kevin Papst
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Kevin Papst

If you need help installing Kimai or updating to the latest version, I am available for paid support.

Although all necessary steps are documented, they may cause problems for users who are not familiar with server systems.

In almost 20 years of work experience I have seen a lot of different server systems and know that it is not always easy to integrate new software into your existing setup.

If you want to hire me for Kimai installation or updates, please contact me via email.

Required information

Depending on the type of setup, I might ask you for different types of credentials and information. These might be:

  • SSH connection details and user account
  • the database connection and account
  • a prepared domain with SSL certificate
  • login to your hosters web interface

If you use a shared hoster and don’t know what all that means, don’t worry - just drop me an email.


  • Updates take roughly 30-60 minutes
  • Migration from Kimai v1 takes around 1 to 2 hours (not including the setup)
  • Installation takes between 1 and 3 hours (depending on your setup / hoster)
  • I offer a recurring update service, so you always have the latest version of Kimai

Llamada de soporte con pantalla compartida

Si desea una introducción a Kimai o soporte con actualizaciones, etc., puede reservar una sesión de pantalla compartida paga con el desarrollador, Kevin Papst. Cuando seleccione un horario, será redirigido a una página de pago de Stripe, después de lo cual recibirá una invitación a la sesión.

Si no puede asistir a su cita, debe cancelar al menos con 24 horas de antelación para que se pueda reprogramar. No se realizarán reembolsos.


You can buy the plugin via Lemon Squeezy (CreditCard, instant access) or from the developer (bank-transfer, up to one week)

Support-questions, bug-reports and feature-requests will be answered in this Github repository

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Kevin Papst

Building Kimai since 2009

Si tienes alguna pregunta, utiliza la siguiente información de contacto para ponerte en contacto directamente con el desarrollador.