Kimai 1 - tracking your times since 2006

Kimai 1 was replaced by a complete rewrite in 2018, you should upgrade immediately!

Server requirements

Kimai 1 requires at least:

  • MySQL 4.3 or higher
  • PHP between 5.5 and 7.3
  • Required PHP extensions: mysqli, iconv and xml


  1. Use a modern Browser
  2. You need at least PHP 5.5 and access to a MySQL database.
  3. Start your browser and go to your Kimai directory.
  4. Kimai has a step-by-step installer, just follow the instructions.

IMPORTANT: Remove the installer directory when you’ve successfully installed Kimai.

Please read the complete installation docu for more details.


Please see the Update documentation for more information on how to update to a newer version of Kimai.


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