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Kimai is my favorite software for tracking time spent on projects I have discovered. I have tried lots of different other solutions, i.e. Sugar CRM, but Kimai's sweet and neat Web 2.0 usability beats them all. It's user interface is an inspiring example for every Web developer out there. If you are not tracking time yet, because it seems so complicated, give Kimai a try. You will love it!
While we were looking for a simple web based time tracking program our search didn't last long, because we've found Kimai. After a short test run and getting quick help from the Kimai Forum, we were totally convinced that Kimai will be the time tracking software of our choice! We would like to thank the whole Kimai development team for all their efforts and like to encourage them to continue their great work...“
Auf der Suche nach einem, möglichst einfachen (und Webbasierten) Zeiterfassungsprogramm wurden wir schnell fündig... Kimai hat uns nach einer kurzen Testphase, sowie der schnellen und kompetenten Hilfe im Forum schon nach kurzer Zeit absolut überzeugt! Wir danken dem gesamten Kimai Entwicklungs-Team für seinen Ehrgeiz und seine Bemühungen dieses tolle Programm auf die Beine zu stellen und unterstützen es gerne auf dem Weg, die Arbeit erfolgreich fortzusetzen...
In 2009 I started researching web-based time tracking software. First, I checked out some of the commercial/proprietary offerings. Then, I looked at all the free solutions available on the web. I tried some of them out and decided to go with Kimai. Over the past 2+ years Kimai has served me well. It is easy to install, easy to upgrade and it works great. The interface is aesthetically pleasing and the feature set has everything I need and then some. In my opinion, this is by far the best time tracking software for managing time cards and keeping track of time spent on projects. Not only is it the best, it is also free as in freedom, open source software. If you are using Kimai and haven't sent a donation yet, please do so because these guys deserve it. Thanks for keeping it open-source!
We hunted for days trying out lots of different open source programs, for keeping track of time. So glad we found Kimai, it’s simple and easy to use. A big thanx too all those that have worked and workin on the project…
I have searched and searched and searched for a timesheet program. And even though this is still in beta, Kimai looks the most promising. I need a software program to do one thing and one thing well and that is to track time.
As mentioned before also, I’m also tracking my sleep time and other personal time, so Kimai to me is not just a “Time Tracker” but a “Life Tracker”. This is what I’m hoping to get out of Kimai so I can try to get some of the time in my life back…

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