Kevin Papst @kevinpapst
03 Aug 2013

Okay, finally we achieved something that we self did not expect any more ;-) a working Beta is here for you to check-out!

 Here is a small list of changes

… and its by far not complete:

  • new skin: Nordic
  • New or updated translations by contributors:
    • Icelandic
    • Polish
    • Czech
    • Hungarian
    • Dutch
    • Brazilian
    • French
    • German and English are maintained by the core team
  • New flexible permission system
  • Configurable status values for timesheet entries
  • New description field for timesheet entries
  • Assign timesheet entries to other users
  • Edit running timesheet entries like other entries
  • Allow multiple running timesheet entries
  • Improved budget tracking and visualization
  • Improved admin panel
  • Improved HTTP Authentication
  • New authenticator for LDAP
  • Internal Code refactoring / improvement
  • Kimai SOAP interface for remote Apps
  • Kimai JSON interface for remote Apps
  • REMOVED support for PDO
  • Invoices from HTML Templates 

Here is the release announcement at GitHub: Release v0.9.3-beta.1

And here is the ZIP Download:

Please post your feedback in our issue tracker.