Kevin Papst @kevinpapst
19 Jun 2010

Another news from Kimai with an Beta announcement for 0.9.1 beta 2.

Another beta for testing is available.


Since our last beta we made some bigger improvements:

  • Added option to round time tracked with buzzer.
  • Allow filtering by events.
  • Added buttons for quickly changing the activ filters in the sublists.
  • Tasks can be assigned to projects.

… some smaller stuff:

  • Some performance improvements.
  • Current username is always shown.
  • New option to place currency sign in front of the value.
  • It’s possible now to only export times or expenses.
  • Allow to set the comment for a running task.
  • Better usable with IE.
  • Added summary to PDF list export.
  • Allow to change the task and project while a recording is running.
  • Added Swedish language file by Conny Sjölund.
  • Updated french translation file by Vincent Brunetta.
  • Decimal separator can be configured globally.

and many bugfixes…

Go, get it at Sourceforge:

And finally let us know what you think!