Torsten @skilleven
08 Feb 2009

Download: Kimai v0.7.121

UPDATES (February 10, 2009): Minor update to fix a bug in safari/chrome browser and updated updater.php (for 0.7.11 users to upgrade to 0.7.121)

If you decide to update, please back up your DB and current installation of 0.7.11.

What version is this? This version is my modification of version 0.7.11, I called it version 0.7.12 because this version doesn’t use kga array like in v0.7.13r44. I stripped down some modifications and left the ones that can apply to everyone. I hope you like them. what’s new in this version?

The modifications in this version are the following:

  • US date format
  • Regular user cannot add customers/projects/tasks
  • Regular user cannot add comments to projects/tasks
  • Ability to show/hide for customers/projects/tasks
  • Ability to add comments/descriptions for projects/tasks (only Admin or group leader)
  • Streamline the entry form to use just 1 date field for date in and date out
  • More compatibility with Internet Explorer 7 (known bug in IE 7: admin layout is messy)
  • Error message (using overlay) when failing to add your data to the database (normally because of date/time invalid format)
  • Overlays are draggable
  • Minor adjustments of user interface

Database modifications: In kimai_conf table, I replaced data type for filter_knd, filter_pct, and filter_evt to varchar(300).

This change is included in install.php. but not in updater.php so DO NOT UPGRADE, NEW INSTALL ONLY PLEASE.