Torsten @skilleven
14 Jan 2007

There are some major changes planned for the front-end part (HTML and JavaScript) of Kimai. First of all, the current version of Kimai is totally dependent on JavaScript. Without JavaScript Kimai doesn’t work. We are working on a future version which will still work perfectly when JavaScript is disabled or crippled. Don’t worry, the nice JavaScript effects will keep on working, but only if JavaScript is enabled.

The next big change will be browser support. A future version of Kimai will work on all browsers. Right now only real browsers are supported, in the future we will support Explorer versions as well. These two changes are necessary for a web based time tracker. Many freelancers don’t work from one location so they are dependent on the network and computer settings provided by the company they are at the moment. Not all networks allow (advanced) JavaScript and not all computers have a real browser installed.

We are also working on some layout options. We’ll keep you posted on the progress we’re making.